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Testimonials and Comments

Jo Jo

I really enjoyed training my pit-bull mix puppy with Pam. She gave us some great guidance and he turned out to be super intelligent and attentive after taking her classes. When we first got Jo Jo we were worried that we wouldn't be able to train a pit-bull correctly on our own. Pam showed us that Jo Jo was incredibly smart and loved to show off his obedience skills. After graduating from puppy-garden he learned to get along very well with our other dog. Pam gave us great information on the importance of socializing our dog and taking care of him.

Jo Jo is 9 months old is still eager to learn more. During his training he learned how to sit, stay, come here, down, touch, high five, shake, focus, look at me, leave it, off, go to his place, and loose leash walking, and he got to have fun as well. I loved that both me and Jo Jo enjoyed her training sessions. Pam really showed me how to build a strong bond with my dog. Because of the skills she taught us, he now knows how not to rush out the door or out of the car, he comes when called, and goes to his spot while the family eats dinner. I am so grateful for Pam's training and her ideas.

Lucinda Martinez

We just want to take a minute and tell you thank you for the time and effort you gave us in the training of our baby girl Pita. As you know when we rescued her she was just a ball of wild energy, but thanks to the lesson plans that you gave us each week and the love and patience you show both her and us during our weekly lessons she is now a very manageable ball of energy. She still needs to learn a lot but, the lessons that we all agreed were the most important are still being followed and remembered by her today. She is such a sweet puppy and we know that you played a big part in helping her become the good girl that she is today.

Thank you for everything, if you ever need a reference please use us.

Wayne, Kimberley & Pita Carey


Pam did an excellent job working with our busy schedule and not only did she train our dogs she trained our family to speak their language.

We have seen a huge improvement and would highly recommend Luv Yur Mutt to anyone.

Malcom Chakery
Karen Bell


I can't thank you enough for all your help with my pups!  You brought new eyes & new ideas to my situation that helped tremendously!  You have a way of connecting with the dogs that I haven't seen before.   Thank you for coming to my rescue at a very trying time!

Karen Bell